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New technologies have become an integral part of human fast-moving life. They not just profoundly impact every aspect of our life, but also help to alleviate almost every daily activity. In fact, we may be unaware of their interference in our live.

Polish shipbuilding industry

Recently, Polish shipbuilding industry has been held in high esteem. It is not a surprise since Polish shipyards are successfully fighting for the new orders, increase income, employ new workers and commission new vessels. Currently, the private entities of this industry are doing very well and improve their state over the months. One may warily talk about a boom in the shipbuilding industry. Nowadays, the shipyards represent the highest technical and technological quality. The private sector continues to develop and compete with shipyards from the whole Europe.

Pneumatic transport - an instrument for the next revolution ?

From the very idea to success

Infrastructure shapes mobility - alternative fuels for infrastructure development

Alternative fuels for infrastructure development  

Passive and plus-energy housing

In accordance with Eurostat data, housing situation in Poland leaves a lot to be desired. Almost half of Polish citizens live in overcrowded dwellings, for which they pay too much.

Multicard – Innovative technologies.

Electronic non-cash payment systems have been used since the 70s, but their true development is dated 21st century, along with the IT advancement. Nowadays, performing an electronic payment is faster, safer and easier than cash transaction.