Green Cloud - one step ahead to the future of innovation

New technologies have become an integral part of human fast-moving life. They not just profoundly impact every aspect of our life, but also help to alleviate almost every daily activity. In fact, we may be unaware of their interference in our live. At present, almost in every field of human activity are present informational, telemetrical, cloud-based technologies, which continuously supervise and contribute to the proper operation of particular mechanism. This highly intelligent systems, applications and programs enhance the quality of our life and indirectly improve the well-being of the society, taking care of human safety and health.


As the amount of information and the stored data is growing immensely, systems which can cope with storing and handling the growing emerging data are needed.

It is quite fair to assert that technologies can help the modern community to undergo through all the challenges that faces it at every step. In an era of rapid changes and economic progress, the products of technological breakthrough became the top aides of mankind. People are increasingly looking for ways and tools, which are able to facilitate the conduct of business, solve daily problems and routine issues, accelerate the advancement of affairs, and most importantly - save time, which is now valued more than money. Since we can achieve more in less time, we can devote more time to family or our favorite activities. The saying “time is money” gains now a new meaning without losing its value at all. Modern time-saving technology So far, the majority of modern IT systems were developed exclusively for the purpose of specialized operations. It resulted in the necessity to divide them between various multifunction and multipurpose systems. The idea of “Internet of Things” that has been emerging in the last years, can change the situation immeasurably. Developing new systems so as to maximize integration of different devices, efficient exchange of information between them, as well as their successful connection in the network - are at the heart of the modern world. The Internet increases its significance in the man’s life, by integrating every object for interaction via embedded systems (International Journal of communication systems, 2012). In this respect, the IoT is opening incredible opportunities for creation of new applications and programs, intended to improve the quality of life, help businesses and individuals. What can be done with such a widespread technology? This new concept can reap many benefits, including the ability to collect data and remotely control the conditions under which the particular Internet device is operating; ensure the safety of people and objects; can help people to save money in their households; assist with investing funds; inventory control and energy conservation; cope with subsequent stages of customer service. Moreover, Cloud Computing provides each individual with the unique possibility of placing data, own settings and integrating many programs in the so-called “cloud”, access to which can be gained in every possible corner of the globe. Cloud Computing – the answer to most problems The breakthrough which has been made in the cloud computing during the last decade -

is definitely one of the greatest achievements in the history of informational technologies. The emergence of growing amount of information requires implementation of new technologies for connecting and transmitting data. The natural increase of data in the cloud stems has resulted from the popularization of portable technologies. A computer has ceased to be a furniture a long time ago, and has become a device that one can carry in the pocket or a bag. As a result of the fact that the number of devices is constantly growing and the flow of information is increasing, one problem has occurred, namely the problem of excess data, which nobody use or deletes. The data is not stored on external storage devices, but on external independent servers which are independent of us. This problem is also tackled by data system used in the cloud. Such data is archived so as not to slow down operation of the whole system. Another helpful function of cloud system is the compression of optimized data. The data has to be compressed and decompressed quicker and more efficiently in order to avoid the situations, in which the functioning of the system is slowed down. Therefore, new mechanisms of compression are of a great importance. As opposed to universal purpose, advanced experts point out the most significant advantage of the cloud computing - is that it provides individuals with the opportunity to get computer resources without the need to build a separate computer infrastructure and hire a great team of workers to sup-port it. The same applies to the energy, which does not have to be produced in our households. Indeed, people do not have to construct energy infrastructure within their private households to get access to energy resources. The same way, cloud computing does not require the building of the physical computing basement in house or a company, as all necessary information can be stored, managed and processed remotely by using the computing power and external space. Furthermore, the users may simultaneously work on the same project and share data in real-time. It is worth mentioning that such way of data keeping remains the most cost-effective, convenient and, above all, safe for the users. The clients who use such solutions, also have constant support of the service provider.


Therefore, they do not have to worry about applications updates, back-up copies and other technical problems.

Green Cloud – An intelligent & valuable addition to your life Green Cloud it is a technology, made by Green IT company, which is a member of the Smart IT Cluster. Green Cloud - is a platform, which represents a unique solution to the inconveniences, encountered by the mankind on the threshold of the information progress. The Green Cloud system comprises of three separate, but communicating with each other, modules, which consist of mobile application segments, web application segments as well as hardware solution segments. In addition, Green Cloud is compatible with Green ID card, which supervises and manages external services as well as Multi-partner loyalty system. Each system works independently and in case of giving certain commands, after authorization, the modules communicate with each other. Green Cloud technology ensures individuals affordable costs of processing, storing and analyzing streams of „Big Data”, generated in the field by sensors, mobile computers, built-in systems and RFID readers. It is a system that can adapt to any application, introduced by the administrator or the user. It is completely open to new purposes and actions of all kinds of developers. As a single, large-scale platform, Green Cloud possesses unlimited facilities and includes countless number of applications, each of which is responsible for carrying out specific operation.

However, the universality of this technology lies in the fact that besides already integrated applications, developers have an opportunity of creating and installing new applications and devices as well as providing users with them. Such operation allows constant development of the technology, devices and applications connected with it. Consequently, the attractiveness of services increases and external developers, thanks to BOX platform, can make profit, while working in a distance. Indeed, the core of Green Cloud innovativeness is the unlimited possibility to cooperate with external developers. As a result, almost any application or software can work within the cloud. This technology is customized to the needs of every single person. It is open to development of any applications and systems in the SaaS and Paas model. Safety Processing and managing data requires guaranty of high level of safety. The first question that is asked by potential users is the issue of safety of the data transfer and stability of the system. Control over the access and possibility to make back-up copies are the basic functions of each modern computer system. Green Cloud would not be able to function without this kind of safety measures.

At the same time, excessive safety makes customer’s operations within the system more difficult. Good security devices are not inconvenient for the customer. What is more, they cannot cause delays. The cloud has perfectly balanced and precise systems of Access Control List, logging and managing users’ accounts. The nodes can authorize themselves though client certificates and the external applications via OAuth2. Moreover, all connections are encrypted in SSL/TLSv3 protocol. Green cloud is also equipped with system for locating and sharing data with external applications as well as precise system for controlling access to the data. The panel of managing the users enables to control the accounts and prevent unauthorized logging. The system administrators can group the users, distinguish them and allocate the level of access to the data. The object within the system have its own history of editing. All actions trigger adding an entry to the history of the object. It generates the knowledge on the history of each file and users who used it. Back-up copies are generated and stored in protected data bases. The system makes it impossible to copy data by unauthorized persons. This is possible as the servers are located in protected and secured places, which are difficult to access without required authorization. Thus, all these elements comprise a consistent system for logging and managing data, which gives full control over the processes.

The system of functioning includes:

  • System of storing and exchanging data within the cloud,
  • Service of the resources:
    • Synchronized with the master server,
    • Distributed – data dynamically collected from the network and sent to the nodes with configurable acceptable delay,
  • Safe authorization of servers and services for the resources:
    • Authorization through SSL certificates,
    • Multilevel system of controlling access to the resources,
  • Integration with external systems at the resource center level,
  • The platform integrating creators of the devices with producers of applications:
    • Green IT, as the integrator, standardizes types and interpretation of the collected data,
    • The manufacturers of the devices receive the pool of protocols by means of which they send data to the cloud,
    • On the other hand, application designers receive API, thanks to which their clients, after the authorization, can get data from their devices.


The ways and means of using Green Cloud GreenCloud can be used in almost every area of human life.

Hence, it may comprise the foundation for the functions of a useful appendage in such spheres as Logistics, Business, Economics, Medicine, Security, Trade and Industry what makes this technology all-embracing and practical. What is even more surprising, is that it will easily fit ordinary people, who may use it in a daily life. For instance, with the program GreenPay, which may also be found in the “cloud”, a person can arrange its own bill payment system (including electricity bills), segregate important documentation, thus, facilitating routine paperwork. Managing business Indeed, the system is enriched with a wide range of programs that would, in turn, open great opportunities for entrepreneurs. GreenCloud will offer them fast, efficient and secure transfer of data within the enterprise as well as between the different entities. Through the CRM program, integrated into the cloud, individuals would be able to manage business faster, by adjusting resources to meet fluctuations and unpredictable business demands. An application can ensure a control over every informational resource of the company as well as serve a true mainstay of support in managing staff and workflows. Green Cloud provides services for management system of Green CRM. It is an intuitive and easy in use manager for managing relations with the client, designed for both large as well as small businesses. It enables conducting the full process of selling, services and supports interaction with clients in an organized manner.

The functionality of division of labor among the users saves time related to information exchange and the possibility to file all necessary things in one place for general improvement of results of the results of team’s activities .The time management in Green CRM is performed with the use of tasks allocation, planning and registering the event. It is a system of sharing several modules for managing those units, the most important of which are the events and the calendar. The user who uses the authorization mechanism can define group of people interested in a given task or event. Therefore, only limited number of people have an access to the information and can add the activities, while commenting them. They can also connect it with other objects.

The system of Green CRM operations:

  • Managing customer relations:
    • Segregation of information, files and notes connected with the client,
    • Combination of data from all Green Office applications,
  • Managing the time of work and support of data exchange in the company:
    • Allocating tasks and planning the events,
    • Workflow documentation,
  • Management of the selling process:  
    • Selling opportunities,
    • The history of presented offers and orders.

Energy sector What is more, a GreenCloud is gradually becoming a very indespensible tool in the energy sector. The reason for this is the development of Smart Grid, an intelligent power network, able to efficiently integrate the performance of selected energy systems (power generators, plants, factories) with cities, offices and homes.


Designed to eliminate the shortage of energy resources, it not just ensures the stability of the electricity supply chain, but also secures a fast distribution of energy resources.

Currently, this versatile program is able to solve a majority of energy problems that have affected modern society, such as low efficiency of energy production, its problematic distribution and transferring. In addition to that, with the help of the Smart Metering – an intelligent measurement system, people can measure the usage of energy resources and get even more information about any malfunctions in the system. They will be able to do it via the Internet, using their own electricity meter connected to Smart Grid Network. What distinguishes this Green program from already existing ones is that Smart Metering contains its own telecommunication infrastructure, a central database and what is more, a management center, which all together make it convenient in usage. Thus, it registers the entire history on the use of energy resources, which later on can be analyzed via different tools, so that people are able to see when and which instrument uses the greatest amount of energy, saving in this way, money and reducing the use of energy. Logistics For the sphere of logistics, the expert team of Smart IT Cluster has invented a truly unique technology that will help to avoid financial losses and definitely facilitate the transportation of goods. Green Logger - represents a practicable device, which constitutes a modern solution to a multitude of obstacles, faced by people from the logistics sphere. Its functionality consists in the fact that it conducts the virtualization and recording of data from transport registers. Despite the fact that the market of such tools already exists, most of them gather only limited data, remaining in offline regime. As opposed to that old and malfunctioning instruments, Green Logger records whole spectrum of data throughout the entire process of transportation.

During the unloading process, the device sends that gathered data to the cloud; thus, providing it to users. It is intended to inform about the details and conditions, in which goods and transport dwell, responding to any change in the position of the good, as a result, allowing to precisely determine the stage at which a good was damaged, or lost. Accordingly, it provides forwarders with a chance to find out the cause of the damage, identify a guilty side, ultimately prevent financial losses and assert their rights. Green Logger also registers such parameters as: temperature and pressure measurement of the commodity in the container, semi-trailers and warehouses; measurement of the level of humidity in the compartment; finally, indication of the precise transport location, etc. Following that, the technology constitutes a huge plus, which allows individuals to quickly react to unforeseen difficulties, fix them and consequently, prevent great financial losses. Automotive sector As was previously mentioned, the applications and instruments of the Green Cloud can be used in almost every daily activity of people. It certainly applies to the safety of people’s property and maintenance of their comfort and welfare. Following that, the developers from Smart IT Cluster have designed a truly indispensible tool that can relieve individuals and modern society from unnecessary daily worries. AST (Automatic System of Telemetry, Green Box – „Back Box”) is installed in vehicles; has wide range of purposes and its functionality relies on the complicated internal mechanism and number of sensors. Interconnected with a variety of filtration, it gives the possibility to successfully monitor and assess the functioning of the vehicle. AST comprises of: - Green Box, which records the accidents, - The display installed in the ceiling lining, which displays communications concerning the condition of the car, malfunctions of the engine, failures etc., - OBD2 module – connecting AST with the on-board computer, - Pager – which informs the user about possible dangerous occurrences such as, for example, breaking the window, theft attempt etc. If a person gets into a car accident, AST would be able to automatically determine the exact location of the accident, would send information to the cloud, so that consultants would be able to call the ambulance to the accident spot. In addition to aforementioned, the tool possess the function of “the driver alert”, designed to prevent car burglary, by notifying the police about possible theft. It can serve the driver as a traveling navigator, which warns him of possible traffic jams, offering better way to the final destination.

Moreover, AST informs the owner of the vehicle, via text messages on the display, about the technical conditions of the vehicle, fuel components and terms of service inspections. As a part of the concierge service, the Monitoring Centre may offer its client a car substitute, or organization of accommodation, in case if the client’s car got broken. Moreover, users may check or monitor all data on car usage, which is available in their cloud. To sum up, with the help of AST, people will no longer have to worry about any possible malfunction of the car, and even if it occurs, they will be able to quickly and easily react and solve the problem without wasting time. Telemedicine One cannot ignore the fact that the evolution of cloud computing has also positively affected the development of the medicine. Absolutely new, but already popular idea - “telemedicine”- has been widely used all over the globe. This term refers to: information technology, telecommunication and medicine. The idea of the invention is based on the real-time data availability concerning patient’s medical condition, what allows doctors from different parts of world to properly identify the health problems of “telepatients” and decide on their appropriate treatments. In this respect, the technology of the GreenCloud may provide its clients with a wide range of useful and irreplaceable services. The applications, installed in the cloud, may also be adapted for a variety of services, which can help in the conduction of telediagnostics as well as gathering of telemedical data. Green ID multisystem The system of cloud computing – Green Cloud – allows to manage multisystems, which refer to combining loyalty systems as well as payment ones.


Currently, Green Cloud manages Green ID multisystems designed by the Smart IT Cluster.

Green ID multisystem is unique on the European scale, as it stands out from the other systems due to its complexity. Green ID, apart from sharing loyalty programs and their proper configuration depending on the needs, also enables integration of all bank and credit accounts as well as paying by one Green ID payment card – Smart Pay. What is more, it can be used for many more purposes.

It can be used as a city, discount and loyalty card, etc.:

  • Green ID virtual city card
  • Access to loyalty system
  • Map of the partners
  • Search engine for offers and discounts
  • Available also for external applications
  • Encrypted communication channel for all GreenTeam applications
  • Unified identification of the devices and the user in the cloud It is obvious that with current pace of life, such form of services is virtually necessary.

The market of mobile payment services as well as payment cards is very wide and increases all the time. In the last year, an increase of 25% has been observed, and in the last two years - 48%. According to the data from banks, in the third quarter of 2015, 861.7 million transactions have been performed with the use of payment cards (cash and cashless) and in comparison to the previous quarter there has been an increase of 35.7 million, what accounts for 4.3% increase. While analyzing this data, we can conclude that the Green ID system is the answer to increasingly growing number of transactions and the number of cards. Thanks to the use of cloud computing for managing Green ID multisystem, the user is exempt from wide range of services also has the safe guarantee. Where does the success come from? The success of GreenCloud is based on its accessibility to all users and possibility to adapt it to perform various tasks. Managing data in the cloud system allows every businessperson, developer, or incubator to save time, financial resources and more importantly, simplify the system of controlling (managing) activities. The correct organization and an appropriate streamline of things in business is what makes GreenCloud stay one step ahead

Recently, Polish shipbuilding industry has been held in high esteem. It is not a surprise since Polish shipyards are successfully fighting for the new orders, increase income, employ new workers and commission new vessels. Currently, the private entities of this industry are doing very well and improve their state over the months. One may warily talk about a boom in the shipbuilding industry. Nowadays, the shipyards represent the highest technical and technological quality. The private sector continues to develop and compete with shipyards from the whole Europe.

In the modern world, people are witnessing the dynamically developing market economy; bigger and bigger share of it lies in advanced technologies. The issue of technology transfer becomes an incredibly important element of raising the competitive advantage of the enterprises.

The objectives of the self-government Masovian voivodship innovation program have been identified in the Regional Innovation Strategy for Masovia. The first edition of this document was established in 2008 and covered the years 2007-2015.