Investment Service Center

In recent years, an empowered investment activity has been noticed in Poland, as well as dynamic action among Polish investors and entrepreneurs in EU, the Middle East and Far Eastern countries. This process is highly supported by international economy and open European market and a mass of economic agreements submitted by the Polish government with the Middle East countries, which opened new markets.  Transfer of innovative technologies, in Europe and in other regions of the world, plays a prominent role, for it is the developed web of technical and economic turnover that determines the degree of investment and economic developing pace.

Entrepreneurs looking for funds to develop their branch of activity, and investors looking for high rate of reimbursement from the investments, pay particularly great attention to such sectors as: renewable energy sources, new technologies, IT sector, or in the past – immovable properties. Poland has a lot of economic features which attract the funds and accelerate their development. Nowadays, in order to maintain the interest of the investors and to create economic perspectives for years, it is imperative that high innovation level in economy be kept. Currently, economic powers of Western and Middle Eastern countries have invested in modern technologies a few decades ago already. Today, industry and knowledge which have been developed because of that factor allow them to meet with the citizens’ prosperity needs, development of the country and thus the future in many aspects.


Good technology has to be placed in a proper place and time.

Apart from many intensive actions preceded by precise planning, it is relevant that the analysis of development prospects and knowledge on a particular sector’s field of activity in which they would take place be known. A choice of such market sectors in which a technological development is elicited by market’s needs is also important. It prevents from such situations in which we have a perfect technology or a product, but there is no demand for such. In present world, technology transfer might often lead to permeation of it from one sector of economy to another, so it is essential to have a vast knowledge on the market in which the action is taken and the experience supported by submitted projects.

In order to invest in a safe manner, it is crucial to possess proper business means supported by knowledge and perfect acquaintance with a particular branch and investment processes. The answer for such is the Investment Service Centre. (


What is ISC?

Investment Service Centre (ISC) is an international business structure, which unites high class experts. Their task is to finance the investment projects and to search high potential business projects for the investors. It is an accelerator of investment projects and start-ups able to create new technologies of commercial and competitive nature.

Manner of organization in THE Investor’s Service Centre

In order to optimize the work and to ensure a high-quality care over client’s projects, ISC created six sections, each of which is responsible for the next phase of the investing process. ISC provides complex and professional support in realization and further surveillance over selected investment projects, starting with searching for innovative technological solutions through investment plans realization, and finally by investments finalizing and putting the product on the market.

Legal Department

  • Deals with investment projects reviewing in formal-legal terms, in accordance with a legal system being in force on a particular territory
  • It reviews and cooperates in creating document projects containing Investor’s Service Centre position
  • Provides legal service over investment projects within support programs
  • Coordinates the legislation process concerning international and national agreements setting 
  • Performs formal acting, connected with acquiring intellectual property protection


Financial Department

  • Deals with surveillance of particular company’s market sectors and performing actions for maintaining financial stability of the partners
  • Creates financial plans and their amendments projects 
  • It performs monitoring and current investment realization analysis
  • Creates financial information and periodical financial reports from the investments


European Funds Department

  • It is responsible for searching for and planning of acquired support funds for investments projects reported to ISC
  • Performs audits for investments qualified for support acquiring
  • Prepares application documentation, supports partners in appeal process and appraising from given support


Marketing and Communications Department

  • It carries out information activity directed towards mass-media
  • Maintains contact with the media in order to inform the public swiftly about the aims, tasks and action performed by ISC
  • Merchandises the intellectual property of ISC and its partners. Organizes marketing enterprises
  • Creates a coherent identification system of visual ISC and administers it


Technology Innovations Department

  • Searches for and selects innovative technological solutions for their implementation
  • Cooperates with highly developed structure of B+R in Poland and Technology Parks
  • Verifies technical projects and evaluates their innovation degree
  • Shows the expansion directions on international market


Business Security Department

  • It secures and organizes the corporation safety and order
  • Integrates marketing information security in an entrepreneurship
  • Reports the review of threats and vulnerabilities on adverse events
  • Projects and executes marketing identity with security service cloud computing

Four Application Platforms

Four cooperating platforms have been set up under ISC action systematizing.

  1. Investment Projects Platform

The task of this unit is to acquire funds and to find a project partner. ISC experts prepare optimal investment offers for entrepreneurs looking for capital, or looking for high business potential projects for the investors. The advancement of the projects does not play a grand role – a more important factor is its prospective value and high reimbursement rate of the investment. After undertaken analyses of economic market in Poland and in countries which economically attractive,  the most stable and the fastest developing regions and branches are chosen. The experts of the Centre are accurately analyzing the market have distinguished the sectors of broad investment prospects.

The four key fields of interest for ISC specialists are as follows:

Passive and plus energy housing, which means energy-saving building and those which can lead the overabundant amount of generated energy to the transmission network, thus improving the energy balance. The demand for this solution was enforced as a sort of directive, implemented by European Parliament and European Council (2010/31/EU, May 19, 2010), which obliges all member countries to execute an obligation in 2021, which states that all newly built constructions shall be nearly zero energy use objects. The aforementioned field includes: innovative construction technologies, weatherization and thermal systems, door and window carpentry, plus energy materials and devices producing thermal and electrical energy.

Renewable power engineering Renewable energy sources are becoming an element essential to maintain the world’s energy balance. Gradual depletion of conventional power sources leads to the need of use of innovative technologies based on on acquiring energy from renewable sources on which ISC concentrates their attention.

Low-emission transport Just as in power engineering sector, a revolution in this branch is being made, which is to replace combustion-powered vehicles with electric and hybrid ones. They will contribute to the increase of energy independence and the reduction of greenhouse gases emission. The field of interest includes not only factory-made electric cars, but the conversion of combustion cars as well and, what is the most relevant case in this matter, the development of vehicle loading infrastructure.

ICT market is one of the faster and more stable developing markets in our country. Our specialists from IT sector are highly esteemed in the world. Investment Service Centre is looking for would-be start-ups here, as well as for innovative technological solutions worth investing in. In the field of interest of Investment Service Centre there are also projects included from following areas: 

Financial products and services are a vast area of the entire financial market. ISC focuses mainly on investment projects realization as a result of proposed cooperation which includes introducing unique systems of micropayment or multisystem on which the demand is constantly increasing.

Waste management The amount of waste produced by mankind is increasing every year. ISC promotes development of projects which are to increase the amount of recycled wastes. Those, when stored, threaten the natural environment and human health. Such solutions would allow an absolute disability of wastes or to use them as a source of energy.

Military technology is a grand resource of innovation implemented in an organized and precise manner. ISC experts follow the development of Polish arms, shipbuilding and aviation industry, seeing a chance for a development of profitable projects.

Immovable properties The value of transactions finalized on Polish property market in 2015 exceeded €4.1 billion. ISC being an accelerator for innovative projects possesses knowledge and experience crucial for locating the capital in lands and immovable properties.

Technological innovations The implementation of new goods production or improvement of existing ones, opening new market by introducing a product or a service unavailable earlier,  applying a new way of sale, or finally implementing new distribution and organization. Such projects are the field of interest for ISC experts.

Medical and recreation tourism It is an important are of economic activity, and a relevant branch of social activity at the same time. Poland, on the other hand, is becoming more and more eagerly visited country by tourists. Rates of hotel accommodation use being constantly improving every year encourage to invest in this part of the market, and investments in this sector are characteristic for their limited risk and allow to generate relatively high income.

Food market Poland has got rich traditions in producing regional food and great possibilities for producing healthy and eco food. The potential of this branch has not been used entirely yet.

Medicine The emphasis is put on tele-medicine – an innovative form of providing medical treatment and service, binding the elements of medicine and telemetry, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology altogether.

Culture and art It has been always a field and a chance for increasing the capital.  What is important, the art market prices are not vulnerable on crises and financial problems of economy. A well-directed purchase strategy might ensure a high rate of investment reimbursement.

The second investment platform is:

  1. Start-up Platform

Poland is currently taking its direction towards innovation. Thanks to the governmental project “Start in Poland”, technological initiatives with high economic prospects would be supported. The continuation of Poland’s development with promoting the inventions of new technologies would allow to implement modern solutions invented and produced in our country in a short time. However, the funds could be also gathered outside Poland. It would increase the economic competitiveness and stability of the country and improve the quality of Poles’ lives. Our country has invested in innovations for many years and it achieves many successes on this very field. Nowadays, the project presented below is not only the greatest entrepreneurship in this branch in Poland, but also in Europe. In the immediate future, Poland would have great financing possibilities of start-up programs available.

ISC, with the Start-up Platform’s help, gains new applications and conducts acceleration programs for start-up units. The Platform deals  with the key start-up acceleration process, which means it helps gathers the capital, recommends projects for financing from EU funds and leads to product’s commercializing. Each project, no matter what its state of advancement, receives access to infrastructure, mentoring, coaching and all other services necessary to developa new business concept. Cooperating with economic partners and local authorities, Special Economy Zones, Entrepreneurship Incubators, ISC provides constant support and the highest service quality in terms of start-up idea development, to the state of a full shaping of the business with a renowned position on the market. The offer is also directed to those who seek funds for developing. ISC helps verifying and spreading the idea, creating a business and marketing plan of implementing it to the market, and most important, finalizing current and investment needs of a young entrepreneur. It also recommends projects for financing from EU funds. In addition, ISC cooperates with international entrepreneurship incubators, located in such places as: the US, China and United Arab Emirates.

  1. Union Grant Platform

Using European Grants increases the profitability of every investment. Investment Service Centre has already fulfilled about 150 projects with the use of EU grants. ISC specialists, basing on their vast knowledge and experience, recommend and acquire EU funds for the projects. They are an invaluable help for units searching for that kind of financing, being the link binding the capital with the investors and start-ups looking for them. Under the support for entrepreneurs searching for funds, it warrants a complete service in project and finance analysis and, what is important, in planned projects profitability area. ISC also offers performing a detailed verification of all available possible sources of financing, offering not one but several available options. No matter if the grant comes from EU funds or from another support program ensuring the achievement of pursued goal, one can count on ISC’s help without any fear of high service costs- for ISC payment depends on the investment’s success.

  1. Economy Missions and Fairs Platform

Every new technology needs promoting, and the aim of such action is to make the subjects, which are able to make its expansion easier, feel interested and to attract the potential buyers with a ready product. Under Economy Missions and Fairs Platform, experts make a selection adequate to the needs of a selected client of fair programs or economy missions. ISC uses it as an element of a future product image creation and its position in the market. Marketing Department conducts proper analyses and plans, which are being estimated, and because of which Investment Service Centre may match the grant programs properly. The platform also shares the set and the schedule of the most important fair-conference branch events from Europe and all over the world.  The base is strictly bound to companies which cooperate with ISC and is being constantly updated. ISC experts, thanks to their many years of experience in their fields possess a broad spectrum of business contacts, thanks to which the process of cooperation with the event organizers is far more shorter and stripped of unnecessary formalities.

Investment Service Centre is ready to serve with aforementioned help and support to all the entrepreneurs who are interested in acquiring the funds or a start-up unit. The condition for participating in such a project is to possess an interesting or innovative project with wide possibilities and market prospects. All the investments realized under ISC create a huge business potential thanks to high profitability and effective management of investment risks as well as the financial one. The ISC specialists accompany their partners during all the steps of their investment realization. All the projects are to be lodged at Investment Service Centre website:


Source: Green Economy

Recently, Polish shipbuilding industry has been held in high esteem. It is not a surprise since Polish shipyards are successfully fighting for the new orders, increase income, employ new workers and commission new vessels. Currently, the private entities of this industry are doing very well and improve their state over the months. One may warily talk about a boom in the shipbuilding industry. Nowadays, the shipyards represent the highest technical and technological quality. The private sector continues to develop and compete with shipyards from the whole Europe.

In recent years, an empowered investment activity has been noticed in Poland, as well as dynamic action among Polish investors and entrepreneurs in EU, the Middle East and Far Eastern countries. This process is highly supported by international economy and open European market and a mass of economic agreements submitted by the Polish government with the Middle East countries, which opened new markets.  

Poland has been for several years a country with the strongest economy in Europe, characterized by a stable growth of the GDP, and predictable political situation. Consequently, it has recently started to be perceived as a gate for business and investment to Europe which attracts investors and traders from all over the World.