Poland is worth investing !

Poland is a country with numerous investment assets and development perspectives. Factors which are in favour of investing in our country include geographical, climatic and economic issues such as government grants, EU funds, real estate tax exemption, special economic zones and scholarship programmes. 

From idea to innovation – how to be an effective innovator?

Though there is a wide gap between having an idea and implementing the innovation it carries, the innovations are the real driving force behind economic development. An effective innovator is able to link technological mastership with openness to...

Perovskites of Polish origin

Perovskites are excellent light absorbers. Even better than the previous champion gallium arsenide, which in turn is much better than the most popular silicon. 

Member states finally approved creation of CO2 reserve

The UE member states have finally approved new regulations on creating a stability reserve for the EU CO2 emissions allowances market.