Smart IT Cluster – intelligent solutions for mobility and energy

Smart IT Cluster – intelligent solutions for mobility and energy

Creating Smart Cities, which are clean, environmentally friendly and thoughtfully managed, is a challenge for the futureThe prime goal of the Smart IT Cluster, which has been created by leading ICT companies, is to enhance the idea of a Smart City and to implement all necessary technologies focused on improving people's quality of life.

Smart City – the reason behind Smart IT Cluster

A Smart City, which uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve cleanliness, performance of urban services, traffic management, energy management and the provision of water and waste services, is the main reason behind the creation of Smart IT Cluster. The Smart City is to be a place managed in cost-effective and environmentally sound manner, and the overall objective of the Smart IT Cluster, which cooperates in the field of innovative technologies, is to support local governments, public institutions and enterprises in the implementation of new technologies and organisational solutions.

Regarding the technologies involved in the Smart City, the Smart IT Cluster can contribute to the development of the following areas:

Main goals of the Smart IT Cluster in the field of energy management

One of the main areas of Smart IT Cluster’s activity is energy management. In this area the Smart IT Cluster identified a few major goals:

  • improving the efficiency of electricity use and hence improving energy market competitiveness;
  • promoting and developing Smart Grid technology;
  • implementing programmes for energy demand  management;
  • integrating Polish IT solutions and members of Polish IT market as well as exchanging knowledge and experience in the field of energy management;
  • supporting the implementation of advanced IT solutions in the energy sector in Poland and Europe;
  • strengthening the energy sovereignty;
  • conducting research and market analysis as well as  cooperating with recognized research and development centers focused on the energy industry1.

The Smart IT Cluster assumes that Smart Grid technology and Smart Metering technology can play a key role in developing the Smart City – a city that cares about the environment and the quality of life of its community. Smart Grid is an answer to previous limitations and costs of the electrical grid and includes a variety of operational and energy measures such as smart meters, renewable energy resources, smart appliances and energy efficiency resources. Smart Grid technology is able to efficiently integrate the behavior and performance of all the users (generators, consumers and users who are at the same time producers and consumers) and hence to create an energy system that is efficient, safe, cost-effective and consistent with the principles of sustainable development. The Smart Grid, which uses the latest ICT technologies and which is distinguished by a high quality and low level of losses, improves the efficiency, reliability and security of the energy supply chain and consequently, reduces losses and energy transmission costs. An important component of Smart Grid is Smart Metering which enables gathering, analyzing and remote reporting of the data on energy consumption. This two-way communication in real time is possible thanks to the use of two components: an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and a Meter Data Management which is a special computer software for data management. Smart Metering devices are more technologically advanced than automatic meter reading devices (AMR) since they can for example:

  • measure selected physical quantities at a given frequency such as active power consumption, reactive power consumption, voltage level and the length of the interruptions in the energy supply;
  • store selected data in a certain period of time;
  • transfer data between the meter and the central system with a desired frequency;
  • detect theft, damage or unauthorized interference to any metering infrastructure;
  • remotely disconnect the customer;
  • remotely change the operating mode and programme the device;
  • remotely read data on power, heat and gas consumption2.


Smart IT Cluster - facts and figures

The Smart IT Cluster was created with the assumption that the integration of the innovative IT companies could help effectively implement and finance difficult projects (projects that probably could not be implemented by only one company). Among renowned companies which formed the Smart IT Cluster were:

Huawei – a world leader in ICT solutions, with more than 20 years of experience in ICT sector and with revenues reaching tens of billions of USD per year (approximately USD 46.5 billion in 2014). Huawei focuses on delivering the most technologically advanced products, as well as on breaking barriers in the field of information and communication technologies.

Circutor LLC - a company with over 40 years of experience with several factories in Spain and in the Czech Republic. The company designs and produces the equipment, intended for increasing energy efficiency and for producing renewable energy such as multi-function electrical energy meters, energy management software, measuring current transformers and smart outdoor recharge posts.

NMG LLC – leader in delivering professional software supporting production management, industrial and building automation and energy consumption management. The NMG LLC solutions enable monitoring the production, modelling and optimizing of manufacturing processes, visualizing and controlling industrial processes, machines and production lines and also controlling and optimizing the consumption of electricity, gas, heat, wastewater, water, compressed air and steam.

Calltech LLC – is an expert in providing professional hardware and software solutions for companies operating in the ICT sector. Calltech LLC implements innovative IT projects and since 2001 it cooperated as a subcontractor with HP, T-systems, SUN, Oracle (previous Microsystems), Orange (previous PTK Centertel), Kapsch, APW Poland, and TVP. Calltech LLC is also an authorized representative of HP, Avaya, IBM, Microsoft and Toshiba.

Green IT LLC – a company founded in 2009 which focuses on the segment of IT services. Green IT LLC offers innovative solutions for e-commerce, B2B systems, Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) and also for mobile and cloud applications. Currently, the Green IT LLC is developing an innovative platform “Green Control System” – a business services platform based on the distributed measurement and control system, integrated in the cloud. The platform “Green Control System” includes: Recorders Green AST, Recorders Green Logger, Green Control Web Platform and the package of mobile applications Green Control Mobile.

Online Expo Polska LLC – a company founded in 2008 which focuses on organizing online trade fairs. Such fairs include many economy sectors, e.g. education, tourism, health and construction industry. Online Expo Polska LLC offers all the exhibitors a virtual exhibition space as well as graphic services (which include the preparation of virtual stand exhibitions) and marketing (which mainly ensure a certain number of visits).

Achievements of the Smart IT Cluster

So far, the Smart IT Cluster has carried out a number of important projects:

Prosument PRO Platform

  • facilitates the information flow between the Prosument Pro project partners
  • with the CRM system it enables the cooperation of sales agents, funding and procurement specialists, installers, software and hardware producers, equipment distributors, designers, insurance companies and logistics centers                                                 

Green Point

  • Monitors and counts EV charging points
  • Enables data transfer from charging points to the server, and the transfer takes place in real time
  • Integrates charging stations that belong to different companies


  • Supports entrepreneurs in doing business and advises individual clients in various areas;
  • Provides expertise in financing acquisition, investment, loans, insurance, legal advice and IT technology.


  • Supports the processes of knowledge and technology transfer by building strong and solid relations between companies and research and development institutions in the European Union
  • Promotes innovations that nowadays are key factors for competitiveness and the core of modern enterprise development strategies

Business Services Centre

  • Enables online trade fairs and helps entrepreneurs and individual clients make business contacts
  • Offers services in accounting, CRM, e-marketing, security and customer service

Green Cloud

  • The European leader in Cloud Computing systems
  • A platform which allows management of the Corporation and firms
  • Answer for users’ needs of mobile technologies
  • It is open to new applications and equipment. Compatible with every type of application
  • Shares the infrastructures via developers in PaaS system
  • The platform, which would be used by many sectors like: energy, logistics, security etc.
  • Quickly and directly contact between entities.

The offer for the potential partners

The Smart IT Cluster carries out the projects that are difficult to conduct by one company alone and the network connections, which the Cluster offers to its members, allows a constant development of systems, processes and products. The synergy effect that results from joining the forces creates the value which greatly exceeds the sum of the values created by the companies individually. In order to continuously develop the potential, the Smart IT Cluster invited to cooperation all possible companies operating on the ICT market, legal institutions, universities and associations. Joining the Smart IT Cluster is associated with many benefits, among which the most important are as follows:

  •  conducting joint projects involving various branches of the economy;
  •  taking on various activities, aimed at implementation of innovative solutions;
  • minimizing the risks and costs associated with implementing innovative technologies;
  •  achieving higher profits than average ones;
  •  increasing the scale of the projects and building companies’ position on Polish, European and world markets.


Source: Green Economym Usług B

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