Ultramodern vertical wind turbines - the future of industrial and prosumer power engineering

An annual output of electricity may, at that time, reach over 6,600 TWh. At the same time, the share of wind energy inthe total amount of produced electricity is expected to increase. The most optimistic scenario foresees that until 2030 the wind turbines can generate almost 25% of the electricity produced worldwide. The Polish market of wind farms, when compared to the European or global market is characterised by a stable dynamic growth. In 2011 – 2013 the share of installed wind energy in the total power of the National Power Grid, was increasing by almost 2.5% annually, and in 2013 it reached almost 9%. At the same time, in accordance with Directive 2009/28/EC of 23.04.2009 and the new climate and energy package, Poland as an EU member state, is obliged to increase the share of renewable energy in the total country’s energy balance from 7.2% in 2005 to 15% in 2020 and 20% until 2030. The abovementioned factors made Poland being classified as the one of 12 main wind turbine markets globally (among the countries installing wind turbines from 0.5 to 2.5 GW). At the same time, thanks to vast range of wind-forced amplitudes both in Poland and Europe as well as all over the world, there is a certain need to develop technologies, which would allow the wind power station to work (to generate electricity) at wind speed under 2 m/s and to maintain its functionality even with wind speeds of 50 m/s.
Currently, there are two types of wind turbine technologies on the market: horizontal and vertical turbines.
Polish landscape is usually graced with horizontal turbines, commonly known as “windmills”, thanks to their price, they can be observed in the whole Pomeranian region. Nonetheless, the noise and harmful for people infrasound emitted during the operation of wind turbines which requires fitting the installations far from inhabited areas is a limitation of traditional, horizontal wind turbines. According to the estimation of experts, horizontal turbines constitute a potential risk to birds, thus, into some extent a threat to the entire ecosystem. Noiseless work and lack of infrasound or threat to birds are the characteristics of vertical GVT wind turbines offered by Green Vertical Turbine LLC (www.windpl.eu). When analysing the market of vertical wind turbines in Poland, what draws one’s attention is the fact that until recently, vertical wind turbines offered capacities only in the range between 10W and 20kW for individual recipients
(households, small farms) as well as narrow segment of institutional use (providing power to street lights, buildings, measurement devices, etc.). This leaves an untapped segment of SME market from the industrial sector with the demand for turbines with capacities ranging from 20 kW to 500 kW, which are suitable for supplying small and medium-sized industrial plants or large farms. The manufacturers of vertical wind turbines did not offer the customers from the maritime sector (off-shore and marine power plants), and also for industrial power engineering for which vertical wind turbines can be a very attractive alternative – cost-effective and safe for people and natural environment. In 2015 Polish market welcomed ultramodern and unique, on the global scale, technology, called Green Vertical Turbine. A modular power station with horizontal axis, consists of a joined together 3-metre segments, endowed with power, ranging from 20 to 500kW. Green Vertical Turbine technology produced by a eponymous company – Green Vertical Turbine LLC – has numerous functions which distinguish it from other solutions, available on the market. What is the most important, GTV power stations are characterised by high wind energy efficiency, what provides advantageous correlation of price and effects of the power plant performance and accordingly, significantly decreases costs of electricity. At the same time, thanks to modularity of the construction, GVT power plants enable flexible adaptation of power to customer needs. GVT segments can be modified into one or multi-segment columns and three-column towers, that makes power plants suitable for both prosumer application and the industry.
Moreover, for the reason of a unique construction, wind turbines may be localized close to each other without any risk that turbines will deprive themselves from energy. This is particularly important when it comes to wind farms, because it allows to increase density of turbines disposal, as well as decrease total cost for land, required for construction and essential infrastructure.Green Vertical Turbine LLC manufacturer, in his designing works, strongly focused on addressing the problem of big wind amplitudes, which is characteristically for the countries with geographical location similar to Poland.


The undoubted advantage of GVT power plant is its resistance to unfavourable wind conditions. Wide range of wind speed that the turbine can work at (from 1.5 to 55m/s) and more importantly, independence of the wind directions as well as resistance to wind flow interference enables to install GTV power plants in areas where use of traditional wind turbines is not possible or impeded by too weak or too strong gusts of wind. Furthermore, use of intelligent system integrated with energy storage allows to gather overcapacity of energy and automatically use it to sustain and stabilize turbine works when wind conditions are unfavourable. Vertical GVT power plants thanks to their construction facilities, namely modularity and blades placed inside of the construction, are completely neutral to the natural environment. Firstly, they are emission-free and do not generate vibration or noise. Secondly, they are safe for birds and bats which can sometimes sit on the working turbine. As an effect, earlier mentioned wind turbines may be deployed everywhere, where the use of typical vertical and horizontal turbines considered impossible, in other words, at built-up areas, settlements, industrial and environment fragile places. At the same time, thanks to mentioned advantages, installation of wind turbine is conducted with the accordance to simplified procedure of acquiring environmentalpermits, which considerably shortens implementation of investment projects and lowers expenditures, related to it.It is also significant to notice that apart from electricity production, vertical GVT wind turbines, manufactured by Green Vertical Turbine LLC may be applied in various areas, such as:
  • Storing the energy: storing the energy in a form of compressed air and potential of transporting the water, storing the energy in a form of hydrogen with its use to combustion in fluidise bed boiler or in form of fuel cells, air compression.
  • Wind energy transformation into mechanical energy (work performance): aerating mineshafts, sewage treatment by aerification, sucking out the air from halls, warehouses, silos, drying plants, change of air in halls.
  • Heat energy production: heating houses, greenhouses, heating other mediums, e.g. paraffin wax with the use of heat from phase transformation of the working mediums, heating the water, distributing air to the residential settlements.

However, the significant advantage of GVT power plant installation lies in the easiness of its transportation. Namely, the modularity of the construction makes the transport and construction quick, simple and economically effective even with construction of large power plants for industrial purpose. Thanks to 3-metre height and the diameter of a single turbine element, the transport does not require piloting. Unlike competitive wind power plants, GVT turbines do not have large construction elements, such as masts and blades/rotor blades.Green Vertical Turbine LLC manufacturer offers Vertical wind turbines made of steel and aluminum, which allows to deploy turbine close to buildings (at roofs, posts, existing mass constructions) and also offshore including ships, which is limited when it comes to traditional wind turbines or virtually impossible. The quality of the offered product based on innovative technology supporting the fact that Green Vertical Turbine LLC company is carrying out continuous research and development works on GVT turbines. Moreover, it does not focus only on production and construction of wind turbines but also implements project of building diversified wind farms with use of new vertical wind turbine technology. In 2014, implementation project was conducted. Currently, the company is carrying out next projects in Poland.


Analyzing the energy conditions of Poland, the scope of country’s resources and capabilities leads one to the conclusion that the country can be fully self-sufficient. Indeed, all the energy sources, so far known to humanity, are available here.

The new technologies have become an integral part of human fast-moving life. They not just profoundly impact every aspect of our life, but also help to alleviate almost every daily activity. In fact, we may be unaware of their sophistication and interference in our live.

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